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Global Tech Squad Inc. is having a vision to avail the technologies at affordable price; we are working on the domains like software development, mobile application, computer applications, web applications, web designing, animations, e-commerce, e-support and onsite technical support. We at Global Tech Squad Inc. are on constant endeavor to set standards in tech solutions and tech support sector.

Global Tech Squad Inc. is a leading name of IT, software and support industry that offers services directly to customers, mid to small business worldwide. We offer an ultimate IT solution for the exclusive range of products worldwide. Hence, our customers always want to be connected with us because of the quality we offer.

Global Tech Squad Inc. has become an area higher famed for providing onsite technical support for all the latest technologies. Our support teams are sound in knowledge and enough experienced to fix the issues related to almost all the technologies.


Global Tech Squad Inc. has the vision to provide best services and support at affordable price that meet the following criteria:

Timely Commitment: We provide the services within the time committed.

Satisfaction: We provide complete satisfaction to our customers for the issues that are being fixed.

Affordable Price: We provide the best services at affordable price.


We provide the most advanced online and onsite tech support , software services and other IT services within the affordable price to our customers. We understand the dependency on latest technologies in your lives and your need, we offer you best support without a delay and trouble. We are a one-stop-shop offering solutions to all your technical need, queries and challenges.

Global Tech Squad Inc. has the mission to provide services that meet the following criteria:

Accessibility: We are always available at scheduled time to provide an absolute support for all your technical needs.

Services: We always tries to improve the quality of our services from onsite support to software development.

Team: Our Team of developers, designers, technicians possesses good knowledge, experience and they are always available and dedicated for best services and support to our customers.


Global Tech Squad Inc. provides the onsite and e-support services that meet the need of software development, applications, PCs, laptops, desktops. It mainly includes the services listed below:

User Support: The onsite support and e-support is offered to individuals, small and mid-organizations as per their needs and demands for per incident plan.

Hardware Support: The onsite support is given to every sort of peripherals devices including printers, routers etc. The assistance is provided in maintenance of hardware for its proper and uninterrupted working.

Software Support: The onsite and e-support is provided with respect to every installation or updates to all latest software along with removal of harmful and malicious application from your devices.

Network Support: The onsite and e-support is provided for wired and wireless network devices. We troubleshoot network related issues, and help you in resolving the issues from our experts.